Source-Breathwork – Source Breath Work

Source breath workSource-Breathwork (Source Breath Work) is a heart journey and a unique experience for every person. Especially in these exiting times, where just taking a simple Breath is forgotten. The Breath has been used by many different ancient cultures as a means to enter another consciousness-level while staying aware in the present moment.

Source breath work

At Source-Breathwork we offer:

  • Individual and group sessions
  • Certified training to become Source-Breathwork Guides
  • Quest journeys in different countries and continents on request.
  • An international network of high-quality Source-Guides

It is a very effective method to encounter one’s heart in a deeply experiential way, dissolving the feeling of separation that most humans feel from birth.

Source-Breathwork is used to restore your natural breathing and helps to:

  • expand your awareness
  • rejuvenate your organs and cells
  • process birth-trauma and conscious/unconscious patterns
  • release toxins

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