Reset your body in a week

Here in the mostly sunny Algarve we offer you a chance to come back to your senses and reset yourself in the peaceful surroundings of nature. We will guide you on a week-long journey that stimulates overall health and healing of any form of dis-ease. The ‘Reset your body in a week’ days are filled with treatments and activities, food, talks and entertainment that are healing as well as uplifting.

The Reset week starts 11 days before with a remote detox program that will eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals (, to clear the way for the offered treatments. For this, you will send us a small nail clipping so that we can start the remote detox frequency program.

You will receive Tachyon energy treatments, Rife frequency device bio-feedback scans and treatments, Breathing exercises, grounding exercises, walks in Nature and walks with horses (to let you stand in your power), Sungazing (to let your body cells get healed by the sun) and sitting around the fire (to burn away all unwanted stuff) which sometimes will be accompanied with live music.

There is time to relax and there is time to talk and go deep into the questions; who we are and why there is sickness and how to overcome that.

All days there is organic breakfasts, lunch and dinner aswell as organic coffee, tea and juices.

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