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Natural cancer cure – cancer cells died in 42 days

  This Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45,000 People. Rudolf Brojs from Austria has dedicated his whole life to finding the best natural cure for cancer.He actually made a special juice that gives excellent results for treating cancer. He has cured more than 45, 000 people who suffered from cancer and other incurable diseases with […]

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How to Make Kombucha

I am a huge fan of Kombucha. A natural healthy fermented beverage full of amazing amino acids, probiotics and essential minerals, it has been brewed and enjoyed for over 2000 years all over the world, from Russia to China and early Europe. I have been brewing Kombucha at my own home for many years now. […]

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Cleanse Your Lungs With Honey-Water

You have probably heard about honey’s health benefits, but have you ever heard about healing properties of honey-water? How to prepare honey-water Put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of fresh lukewarm water and mix. You will get a 30% honey mixture which has identical composition as blood plasma. Honey creates a cluster compound […]

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Chilipepers zijn gezond

De chilipeper wordt gerekend tot één van de oudste landbouwgewassen ter wereld. Zowel de Maya’s als de Azteken gebruikten de planten intensief, zowel culinair als medicinaal, bijvoorbeeld bij tandpijn. De chilipeper maakt vele gerechten scherp door de aanwezige capsaïcine en wordt in de volksmond vaak Spaanse peper of rode peper genoemd. De chilipeper is afkomstig […]

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