A Reconnective Healing treatment

Everyone’s experience with Reconnective Healing treatment is unique. Sometimes healings happen in a moment in just one Reconnection session, sometimes it takes a little longer before a healing occurs. If you are lucky, your healing will come in the form that you had hoped for. If you are truly lucky, your healing will come in a form that you had not even dreamed of – a form that the Universe had in mind for you.

Healings come in all sorts. The best way to allow a Reconnective healing treatment is to be in a state of expectation without being attached to the result. Lie down on the massage table, relax, close your eyes and simply experience the Reconnective healing treatment.

Let all your thoughts go and experience and observe if there is something to experience, if you notice something, but also if there is nothing to experience or if you notice nothing. Just lie on the table and let go of everything, as if you were just having an unexpected relaxing hour.

It is not advisable to do your best not to think about anything. Normally people have difficulty with the concept of thinking of nothing. Just notice whatever comes to mind. That gives you something to do and takes away the stress that often arises when people try to think of nothing and discover that they don’t know how to do it.
Place your attention inside and let your attention go through your body. Just observe what you notice, this gives your mind enough to do without having to worry about what you should or should not do all the time.

Do not breathe in a special way, do not visualize a result that you hope for, do not meditate, do not repeat a mantra in silence and do not do other things that you or someone else thinks will help. Because it won’t.

It will at most bring what you already can and will prevent you from fully experiencing. If you are ready to let go of everything and not try to steer or improve the experience, then you are ready to experience what makes Reconnective Healing different, what makes ‘the Reconnection’ real.

You are ready to receive.


Wear comfortable clothing adapted to the season. Keep in mind that with your clothes on, shoes off, lying on your back on a massage table during the Reconnection sessions.

Fragrances, perfume
Avoid perfume and the use of perfumed soap, hair and skin products prior to sessions. The Reconnection sessions must be as odor-free as possible.

Wearing jewelry is fine, as long as it is comfortable during the Reconnection sessions.

Reconnective Healing sessions last approximately 30 minutes, excluding a conversation before and after. Three Reconnective healing treatment sessions are recommended.

Remote healing session