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I grabbed the testimonials from other websites so that all can learn. The link to the original testimonial pages at the bottom of each section. I changed all product names to ‘C60’.

Carbon60 testimonials: I am now on my fourth bottle of the coconut version of your product – I ordered the five pack. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am with the amazing results that I have experienced. So much so that I just received my shipment of the second five bottles – this time trying out the olive oil version.

I started with a dropper per day and now on the fourth bottle do two droppers in the AM and two droppers in the PM after my workouts. Prior to my starting this product I had constant pain in my right foot’s big toe due to several injuries to the main joint over the course of my life-time (I am 58), and recently from dropping a 10lb weight on it. It was to the point that I was going to finally go to a doctor to have it looked at – and I rarely if ever see a doctor – as I had a nagging pain with every step.

I am not sure what the issue was, perhaps calcium build-up, but the joint was swollen, hot and sore at the end of the day with all of the walking that I did at work on concrete floors, not to mention it had very limited mobility as I could hardly bend the toe properly. Starting within the second week I began to notice that the pain was greatly reduced.

By the fourth week I was suddenly able to bend the toe in positions that I can not remember doing for many years and by the time I started on my fourth bottle I have no pain anymore and I am able to almost bend my toe now to normal positions. But this is not all of my experience with your C60!

I have noted having a much clearer, sharper mind, sleeping much better, feeling more energetic, and just having a better general sense of well being. I weight train 5 days a week at a very intense level (for my age), and have now noted that I no longer have the typical soreness the following couple of days and in fact my workouts have become very productive and I get the feeling of having a body of a much, much younger person as I seem to not have the residual effects of lactic acid and I seem to be putting on muscle mass much faster than the recent past. I also had soreness in my right rotator cuff from an old injury that would be aggravated from bench presses and that too has now disappeared!

I am in absolute amazement of what this product has done to my body and mind! And for the icing on the cake – in the last week I have been experimenting with using this product on my age spots on my face as well as my wrinkles and – to no surprise by the way – I am seeing incredible, almost daily changes of improvement to my skin!!

My deep wrinkles are disappearing fast. You guys should look at using C60 as a cosmetic product! (Keep me in mind for a kick-back for the idea please!). LOL. I have been telling all of my friends about my experience with C60! It is a truly mind blowing experience that I am going through!

I was wondering about the possibility of becoming a member of your group study that you have as I would indeed be willing to be monitored for the improvements that I am experiencing. I truly believe that the world will find out that C60 is most certainly a fountain-of-youth formula and I plan on finding out to what extent it has to offer and will continue to give you my feed back as I explore the the power of this amazing product! Thanks again for turning this onto the world and helping mankind. God bless you all. NormSent on: 31 December, 2017Thank you!
Norman Wagner

The morning of our father’s funeral my sister broke out with shingles on her face. She was stressed and in pain. I had C60 olive oil and had her put one drop on the blisters every hour. Shortly after first application the pain became bearable. Next morning there was no pain. Third morning the blisters were scabs. By the time she was home she could forget about it. A blessing and miracle for her.

I also have a patient that has dementia and falls a lot. Her skin is thin and she is constantly bleeding. C60 seals up the wounds quickly and scabs form almost immediately to a day. Within 5 days the scab is gone and there is pink skin. And yes, we are seeing slow progress on her verbal skills.

I ordered C60 in coconut oil on October 22nd 2017. This was during the time there were many back orders. I received it Saturday December 10th. I live in the UAE. I wanted to saturate my system so I began the first three days taking two tablespoons three times a day then I reduced it to two tablespoons for two days then one tablespoon a day all after eating an apple.

The first thing I noticed was a drop in my blood pressure with medication is 140/100 or higher. It was 120/82 (while still on meds.) Then I noticed my eyesight which had become blurred cleared. Because of my age I thought I had entered the menopause stage-nope that reversed!

Body aches and pains reduced significantly and very noticeable cellulite that was once on my legs has disappeared. Today is December 19th. All of this happened in 9 days!!?? I wake up every day wondering what else will get better. I am so thankful for C60
Alive Again!

I had a major accident 6 years ago from which I only semi-recovered, and the rest of my body was falling apart trying to compensate for the injury. I was a mess. Then I heard about c60 and started taking your C60 over 2 months ago.

At first I noticed a bump in energy levels and better mental clarity, then after about 2-3 weeks I noticed my body started getting better. The tendonitis from compensating just got better, the pain from the injury diminished significantly and now it feels like it is finally starting to heal.

I’m actually feeling so much stronger and brighter I can’t thank you enough. This product has been a Godsend for me: I am going to get my life back! Thank you, Charlotte

About a year and a half ago I had a mole appear under my lower eyelashes. It wasnt black, but my mascara would always end up there. I was going to make an appointment with the dermatologist to have it removed. I had gotten my first order of C60 (taking 1 dropper a day), and within 3 days the mole was starting to shrink.

I thought that it must be my imagination because nothing happens that fast; but within a month it was totally gone. I haven’t noticed any other changes since taking the C60, and probably would have just quit ordering it eventually; but that one little thing has made a believer out of me. It’s definately doing something! Kathy

The first time I heard of C60 was when I was watching an interview from Sara Westall. She was interviewing Clif High when he told the story of the rat study done by the lab to find the toxicity level of C60. After I heard that, I ordered some and have gone through a process of detox for a couple of weeks.

I could only take a few drops at a time. I was having headaches and countered the detox with activated carbon. It was not pleasant, but I knew I needed it. I had hernia surgery about 6 months ago so the C60 seemed like it was healing me around my abdomen area. I also had brain fog. I thought I was having the first stages of Alzheimer’s. Then, I noticed drastically that my brain fog was GONE 2 days after taking C60.

I could think clearly and words came to me quickly once again. I also did notice now at a higher dosage of a 1/2 dropper in the morning and 1/2 dropper in the late afternoon that I have very little pain. I have had back, neck, and plantar fasciitis in my left foot for months. All the pain is now virtually gone and I can function normally now while bending, stretching, and working without pain.

This is a miracle substance and will change humankind!! I am forever grateful for the development of C60!!! It is the fountain of Youth! God Bless…Bob

I just started using my first bottle about a week ago. I take 1/4 teaspoon per day. I am already noticing changes. My IBS is less severe and I think it may be having an effect on my friendly bacteria as well. I noticed my physical ability is getting better/stronger. Very happy 68 yr old male. I just ordered six more and that says it all!!!
Jeff Ryan

Carbon60 testimonials: I have a 13 yr old small breed dog (Yorkie) that we were going put down and couldn’t. Her problem was arthritic pain and yelped with any movement. After seeing video of Team I bought with all hope of helping our little dog.

Carbon60 testimonials: Been giving her a dropper full every day or two. In 14 days her yelping stopped and she is actually wagging her tail and moving about on her own. What an amazing result in such little time. Our deepest appreciation to these scientist who helped us.
Dale Davis

I suffer from atrial fibrillation as a complication of congestive heart failure. I bought two bottles of C60 from another vendor that was supposed to be very good. After taking a teaspoon a day for six weeks I saw no results.

Then I caught the Sarah Westall interview and ordered some bottles from this company. After just one week of taking just one dropper full a day the pain in my knees and hips has subsided dramatically. I used to have a weird limping gate due to the pain I was in. Now I can actually walk normally again!

Carbon60 testimonials: The fluid/swelling of my lower legs has gone down noticeably. I’ve been looking for a solution to this fluid build up for over five years. The C60 from this lab is the first product or pharmaceutical that has shown any positive results. Can’t wait to see where I’m at after a month of taking this product. Thanks to Sarah and very much thanks tot he folks at Live Longer Labs!
Tony R

Carbon60 testimonials: Don’t buy the less quality product tainted with solvents. I have tried them from many other sources and C60 is superior in my personal testing. 65 yrs and looking and feeling younger in every way. Amazing
Mike N 65 CA

Just received my first 5 bottles much sooner than I expected. Looking forward to leaving a review in a few weeks on how well it has worked. This feels like a company that is more interested in it’s customers than in it’s profits. Thanks Don.

Carbon60 testimonials: I want to thank you for the bottles you sent after the originals were shipped to me broken. I have now taken the C60 for a little over a month now. In the first week I saw a major jump in my energy, would not get restful sleep at night, but I would be full of energy throughout the next day.

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed my anxiety is lessened and I am able to think clearly and stay focused on the task at hand. My memory is starting to get a little better. I have been taking 5-7 dropper fills a day.

So far so good.You and your team are putting out a great product. Thank you for being an honest company.

PS: My Wife is breastfeeding, do you have any women who are pregnant or nursing who take this?

Take Care
David Stiles

Carbon60 testimonials: My husband and I have been taking C60 in Olive Oil since mid-July. We are currently on Bottle 4. In that time I have seen the following: the tremors from Parkinson’s have almost completely disappeared, allowing me to return to playing piano at church! I have been watching the development of a cataract in my right eye, which has started to break up and recede.

My muscle tone is also improving, even without my going to the gym. We are so grateful to Dr. Danny Williams for telling us about this fine product! PS – Thanks for all your comments, everyone. Very helpful and inspiring!
Christine Brown

Carbon60 testimonials: I’m a US Army (Retired)/Disabled Veteran) and have some medical issues, due to many years in the military. I have been taking C60 for over six months now and can testify to the following benefits; my knees and lower back pain are very minimal now.

I sleep better, since I have trouble reaching that REM sleeping stage, due to my sleep apnea; my eyesight is much better, as I can view the menu guide on the TV screen now without my glasses, my energy level is up, to the point my kids give me a weird look now; my skin is not as dry and some brown spots on my hands and arms have disappeared.

Lastly, it has improved my muscle tone; despite me not doing any exercise. This could be a possible indication, that my testosterone levels may be higher; however, I have not completed a lab test yet to verify.

I have known the inventor, and his family for several years, because of other inventions/green energy projects and can attest to the character and integrity of the inventor, his business and his family. This testimonial may sound bias; but the inventor knows me very well.

I would not be writing anything, if the product didn’t work. The inventor and I get along, because he is exactly like me – do the right thing and call it like you see it. I thank him and his colleagues for sharing this product and the others products they are working on now to help people improve their quality of life.


ED 57

I have severe arthritis in my knee. As an old soccer player, I have had 3 knee surgeries, 1 stem cell injection, and limited activity to walking and lifting weights. In my 40’s I was pretty limited. I took the first 5 bottles over roughly 5 weeks, and I am running around on a soccer joke.

Its amazing how little pain I feel in the knee and how much mobility I have gained back. This product is for real. I hope everyone tells their family and friends about it.

I am diabetic. I started taking C60 on Sept 27th. I started with the olive oil @ 5 mil once per day. The second week 5 mil to 10 mil with an energy increase. The 3rd week 10 mil to 1 full tsp per day. I have not notice any other changes, i think . I think my feet are sensing a little, but hard to tell because they weren’t completely numb. So there might be a slight change already.

My eyes seem the same. But i have noticed my sleep has REALLY improved, Which many diabetics have to deal with.So i am a bus driver and have to do physicals every 6 months with full eye exams and sensory tests. I interested in all my blood levels, which are done every 6 months as well.

I will increase my dosage to 1 tbl every day next month.Only because it is a detox antidote as well. WISH ME LUCK EVERY ONE And i will follow up.
james kavcic

Funny. I had a shipping mix up too but am more than happy with the outcome. I haven’t finished my first bottle but I do think my eyesight has improved. I still need cheaters but I see clearer without the floaters. Feeling more energetic and appetite’s increased a bit.

Gave a few drops a day to my cat though she started to feel her oats I think (spayed j) and ran away for a day. Came home just before thunderstorms rolled in. Little detoxy but not serious. Thanks to clif High as well

I just ordered C60 and as I just received it yesterday, so as of yet I can’t make any comments on the product itself, but I can make a comment on the character of the owner of the company. There was a mail mishap and my initial shipment was lost.

I wrote the company and also investigated at the post office, as I had gotten notification from them it was delivered via email but no delivery was received. The post office could not locate the package.

I let C60 know and they immediately sent out another package along with an extra bottle for my trouble of going back to the post office several times trying to track down what happened. Very honest decent guy! His comment to me in the email was “what his right is right”! Thumbs up for this companies integrity.

Can’t wait to see the actual results now of his product, I am sure it was be just as genuine as he is!

I received my order in days after watching Clif High’s video. In the first night after taking product I slept the best in years. Over the next several days I have seen an increase in energy and the aches and pains that come with age are almost gone. It’s only been a week and I am felling the best I have in over 30 years. Thanks Clif, Thanks Livelongerlabs. Will share more as the excitement continues.


I want to thank you for bringing C-60 to the mrketplace. I have been in healthcare both allopathic and holistic for over 40 years and I can tell you there is little I have found that makes such a profound impact on health as Carbon 60.

I am going to give you a personal example; before I started taking C-60 from Live Longer Labs ( my blood pressure was running 159/96 !!! Yep, that is what is called hypertension – aka high blood pressure – the leading cause of death in the US (610,000 a year) .

My GP had a hissy fit. According to him I needed to immediately go on an entire pharmacy of drugs or face the inevitable and grim consequences.

Fortunately I had found Live Longer Labs’ website and read the information there in addition to doing my own research. I figured, “what do I have to lose?” So I negotiated an extension with my GP and went on C-60.

Dramatic changes happened. I never had the “detox symptoms” some people mention even thought I was taking a fairly aggressive dose at first. What I have had instead is a strengthening of overall health, increase oxygenation, and normalization of my blood pressure. My last 3 readings: 110/69, 124/72, and 119/72.

My GP literately could not believe his own eyes, I suspect he would accuse me of somehow cheating, but he’s the one that took my blood pressure. I’m not saying he’s a convert – yet – but it is very hard to argue with those results.

I encourage everyone interested in health, healing, and longevity to start taking C-60 today. I tell everyone to take and have refereed I don’t know how many people to your website. I hear glowing reports from friends and family members who have started on the C-60.

Thank you again for bringing it to the public, I, personally, will be taking it forever.


Dr. Loretta Ivory

PS, I’m even giving it to my dogs so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life too.
Dr. Loretta Ivory

Gnetlemen – Your C60 was recommended to me by Dr. Danny Williams and I cannot thank you enough. You see, about a year ago my wife, who is 81, was diagnosed with mild to severe dementia. I am now finishing my 3rd bottle and cannot thank you enough for giving me back my whife, who I was losing to dementia.

She is my best friend and my life is complete again. Wow! It is amazing, great stuff. I’ve recommended your product to Sandra W, AZ; Ken H, MN; and Jim V, CO; all whom have purchased your products after seeing the results. Once again, thank you ever so much. Ralph H.
Ralph Hill

I bought a 5 bottle count in hopes of finding a solution to my joint pain. A close friend recommended this and looked amazing after taking for a year. Well after just over 60 days on product I have a dramatic reduction in pain.

I have a general undefined clearness of thought too. I have to attribute the product as noting else in my life has changed. I am excited about life again. Wow..
Sherri 68F

Carbon60 testimonials: I bought just a single bottle of c60 in hopes of helping with my early stage tremors and muscle issues. At the end of the first bottle I started seeing some changes. I called the lab and they had me reread the Dr Joe’s comments about reaching homeostasis a point your body starts healing again.

I am happy to say on my second bottle I really noticed the improved health and my hands are calm. It’s been two months and only improvements to report. Thanks you so much.
Robert S. 67m

Carbon60 testimonials: Skeptic extreme leaving comment. I have watched and tried so many things to help with my arthritis pain and aging joints. After in depth research I had to try C60. Well I am here to say the results are astounding and why did I wait so long? I feel young again! I am moving around no cringing with expected pain. Thank you Thank you Thank you. D Rawls 55
D Rawls

Carbon60 testimonials: The C60 is improving my energy and eyesight. I went to the eye doctor a month ago. We determined that in 2015 my vision was 20/30. In September 2016 my vision tested 20/20 (after using C60 for 3 months).

This is really amazing considering that for most of my life I was almost legally blind. I had lasik surgery in 2000), which got my vision to 20/30. Now I can really see clearly at 20/20 and I’m 66 years old. My husband (who has Parkinsons) and my daughter are also using C60 and are noticing very positive results. Marsha Sims

Carbon60 testimonials: I have done quite a bit of research on nano carbon and its effects. I am extremely please with C60 and what it has done for me. I have referred all my friends and family to here. Thanks so much for the detailed information and the great product. What a change in me.
Keith G.-67

Carbon60 testimonials: I am up in age and I bought the product with lower back pain and arthritis relief in mind. After just two weeks of taking I have noticed amazing improvement in my mobility and little to no feelings of pain. I fell Great! Amazing.
Lisa M.

Carbon60 testimonials: I have been taking C60 for well over a year now. I have felt really good and truly feel stronger daily. I returned to my cardiologist for the first time since my stroke. My cardiologist was amazed at my blood test results and my volume of heart output. He conveyed “whatever your doing, keep doing it!” He is now looking into C60 for himself. I cannot convey what a difference this has made in my life. Hats off to you Livelongerlabs.

Carbon60 testimonials: What an amazing product. I tried this on a referral from a friend and wow!!! Glad I did!. I suffer from arthritic pain,inflammation and migraine headaches. I took this with little to no expectations and started noticing subtle effects in just days. Now after 40 days on this I feel the best I have felt in over 30 years. Hugs to my friend for telling me about it.

Linda Barns

Carbon60 testimonials: I had a ProFractional Laser treatment over a year ago and have tried several creams and serums looking for something that made my skin feel hydrated again. Everything left me feeling like my face was ready to crack by mid-afternoon.

I have been using the C60 roller ball application for 3 weeks now and finally something that works. My skin feels soft and supple. Others have noticed a fresh look. I think the laugh lines around my eyes and the melolabial crease are softer and plumped up. The roller ball dispenses the product easily and the pure rose extract adds a light fragrance. I love this product and would highly recommend it!

Carbon60 testimonials: I am 50 years old and had started with menopause “hot flash” symptoms last fall. After taking 3 droppers 2X each day for 6 weeks I no longer have any hot flashes at all.

My son had referred me to this product and I was just taking it for generalized good health not knowing this would be addressed. I have not taken anything else nor do I take any prescription medications. I feel great and truly attribute this to the C60 product. Thanks!
Angie Fredell

Carbon60 testimonials: I am currently using this product and I have seen great results thus far! I have had for some time, a systemic candida and toenail fungal issues. Things are clearing up quickly, and as a result of using the C60. It also seems to work synergistically with my current naturopath formulated cleansing regime. Thanks for the boost in my health C60 live!

Carbon60 testimonials: On Thanksgiving weekend I met a gentleman who explained the properties of his product. We went into some depth. I was very skeptical. When I was a teenager I was run over by a hay wagon. The wagon was empty but the wheels of the first and second wagon traveled the length of my back.

I have had back problems since and they have been complicated by a life of walking on steel decks and concrete floors. Anything is worth a try. I am 55 going on 56 (sometimes feels like 156). Last year acne visited me. I have been using Proactive for that year with fair results.

The first week I used 5 dropper fulls twice a day to accomplish saturation. I stopped using proactive almost immediately. Face just magically cleared up. This is not a pain killer but back has improved some.

I have ringing in my ears and that has started to go away. I still wear contacts. In the mornings I watch the news for about an hour without contacts. I can read all of my displays now and email on my smart phone (no contacts)

When I was 18 I had eye surgery to both eyes. The side affects were floaters. Lots of them even in lighted conditions.Sometimes they would block out field of vision briefly. No floaters in light now. No floaters that magically appear only to move out of field of vision.

This was with one bottle. I am awaiting the next 5 that I ordered. I have told friends and family about this. I call it what it is to me. Magic Elixir. My brother has quite a few contacts in Nashville TN.

A couple are ER doctors and want to be kept posted on the outcome. This was after they researched the website and got back with my brother. I thank God for every day and approach it with a can do attitude. I am technical writer by trade and research/creation is getting easier.
Rick Frasier

Carbon60 testimonials: I was referred to this site by a friend. I bought a single bottle being skeptical. Well…I now am in my second month and have ordered 10 more bottles for friends and family. I feel so much better in general health, floaties in my vision seem completely absent now, my arthritic pain in hands and knees are absent.

Have read and reread this sight over and over and its truly an intriguing concept and unique idea to allow your own body to heal itself by removing oxidative stress thats its overwhelmed with.

my whole family including parents kids and even the in-laws are not loyal believers.

Carbon60 testimonials: I have been taking C60 live for 3 weeks and have seen some amazing results. My vision is brighter and more crisp ( I still wear my contacts ) My hearing has changed in that I can hear more sounds that are in the background.

My energy level is better in that I’am not tried all day and can actually get things don’t. I feel that other changes are in progress that I ‘am not fully aware of yet.I plan to continue with the program to see how far I can reach my goal of total wellness!! This is so exciting. –Thank You.
Julie C

Carbon60 testimonials:

Unfortunately due to NCAA rules and regulations, I am not allowed to identify my name or where I go to school. However I am a Division 1 football player [offensive lineman] and have been a committed weight lifter since freshman year of high school.

Being in such a competitive sport physically, I have taken many different NCAA approved supplements that claim they would help me either get bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Nothing has made more of an impact than C60.

I found C-60 through friends and business partners. Like many athletes, I was skeptical about a supplement that I didn’t know much about so I decided to look into it myself and do my own research. Being a science major (and committed gym maniac), I am very familiar with molecular structures and the way supplements work on the body.

I was very impressed with concept of C-60 being all natural and the way that C-60 took free radicals out of your body. So I decided to buy myself a bottle.

I noticed a difference almost right away. During the offseason when I was in the weight-room the majority of the time, I was almost NEVER sore. I would perform a leg workout and then the very next day would be able to go run and do stadiums without any fatigue in my muscles at all.

My big lift numbers increased drastically and I was rarely limited due to muscle soreness. After this summer my numbers were higher than they have ever been.

Once the season started, I headed to fall camp. During fall camp the team goes 3 weeks straight with two a days oscillating every other day. Within a 3 week period, we practice around 28 times (around 22 being full pads). During the duration of camp I was noticeably healthier than my teammates. While most of my teammates would go down with a muscle injury and have to stay out a few practices, my muscles stayed tough.

Throughout the entire camp I was the only lineman that did not have any sort of muscle injury that kept me from competing in practice. As an athlete who suffers from back spasms often, taking C-60 was one of the most beneficial choices I could have every made.

Another one of my teammate started taking C-60 as well after he hurt his groin in a game and was able to recover from his groin injury within a week.

I highly recommend any athlete to take C60. It is a clean and very useful supplement that as helped me achieve goals that I have set for myself on and off the field.
D1 Maniac

I have been taking C60 for 6 months now. I take 5 dropper fills in the morning and five at night before bed. I cannot express the difference this product has made in my everyday life.

My energy level is amazing, my thought process is sharp and focused, my arthritic pain is all but gone. The craziest thing is my eyesight has improved to the point I don’t read with my glasses anymore. I am 72 going on 30. Now my family and friends are taking notice and are on the C60. I tell everyone it is “Enlightenment in a bottle”. Will never be with out mine again.

Karen C.
Karen Caan

Carbon60 testimonials: Bought a bottle over a month ago and started dosing two dropper full twice a day. At first little to nothing but on third day a strong sense of “well being”. Now a month on C60 I feel like a changed person, 10 yrs younger and sounds corny but true.

I have much more energy then before, feel great, no aches, no pains and my memory also has improved greatly. Buying more to share with ones I love.

John 45yr old Male

I’ve been noticing that my memory is terrible. This is troublesome since my brain is my most precious commodity! I didn’t notice too much at first except that I had a lot more energy to get things done. After a week, I noticed I was waking up ready to go, go, go and able to remember all the little things I needed to do during the day without having to write a “to-do list.”

I am so excited to see where this leads but so far after three weeks, I am a BIG BELIEVER! So BIG, I contacted the seller to see how I can get onboard with hooking up everyone I love with C60!
Nishia Klein

Carbon60 testimonials: I got a bottle at a social function Wed night. Took a three dropper dose before going to bed. I followed the same dosage Thurs. morning and evening. I awoke this Friday morning with NO lower back pain or arthritic pain in hands.

I am TOTALLY blown away to see these results in such a short time. I have suffered from arthritic pain and lower back issues for the past 10 years without ANY prescription relief. Thanks to Rick for telling me about this and to Max for sharing.

Carbon60 testimonials: I was coming home from work and was pretty lethargic. I was never someone to take a nap, but had started to nap a couple times a week. About a week into taking C60 I realized I was no longer feeling tired in the early evening and have not needed a nap since. Additionally, I had a doctors visit last week, I had the best blood pressure reading I have had in 30+ years 122/77. Steve 57 years old
Steve B.

Carbon60 testimonials: I am a diabetic and have suffered from neuropathy (burning) in my feet for years. I cried as I awoke after just FOURTH day of taking product and my pain has completely gone. Multiple other things showing great signs of improving too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Melissa D.

Carbon60 testimonials: I’m 52 and I have battled with back pain most of my life. I Tried a bottle of the C60 and within 2 days my back pain was 98% better. i have not taken any meds for my back since starting C60. Another more trips to the bathroom each night. I now get a full night of uninterrupted sleep!
Rick Bracknell

Rick Bracknell

Carbon60 testimonials: My wife and i both compete competitively in bicycling. After a full day’s ride soreness and fatigue would sometime prevent one of us or both from competeing on consecutive days. Not anymore. We are still seeing amazing effects of fast muscle revitalization and little to no recovery soreness. Dramatic improvement in stamina. We are convinced. More to come.
Bob and Dana Davis

Carbon60 testimonials: I was skeptical but bought it anyway. Wow is all I can say as it has changed my physical condition. I had joint and back pain unmasked by pain killers. After just two days the pain has dwindled to nothing.
Diana Cox