Tachyon energy treatments

Tachyon energy flyer

Tachyon energy fills the entire universe and is present everywhere around us, including in and around your body. Every atom in the universe exchanges information all the time with this energy source, at the speed of light, and receives information about how to function from it. An energetic, emotional or physical blockage in the body disrupts this exchange and pain, illness or other discomfort results. By releasing a lot of Tachyon energy on the blockages, the blockades weaken and disappear and improvement and healing occur immediately. Experience a Tachyon treatment yourself!

A complete Tachyon treatment normally takes an hour.

With a Tachyon treatment, the pain point is located by pressing with your fingers. This area is covered with Tachyonized products that penetrate deep into the skin and generate an enormous influx of energy. Only the part or parts that are painful are bared to apply the Tachyonized cream to the painful area. The area is then covered with Tachyonized glass cells or disks (antennas).

Painful area is soaked

These Tachyonized cells radiate highly targeted Tachyon energy into the body. Then, for about twenty minutes, large, Tachyonized Cristals, only available to practitioners, focus in and out, blasting on the painful area. Thus, during the Tachyon treatment, the blockage of the painful area is loosened from everything that is stuck and there is room to allow energy in and to flow. Everyone experiences a Tachyon treatment differently, but it certainly loosens a lot.

The Tachyon Cocoon

Then it’s time to take a seat in the cocoon. The Cocoon consists of 7 different Tachyonized parts: a Silica-enriched belt that is placed over the entire length of the trunk, front and rear, over the chakras.

Tachyon cocoon

Twee SilicaDisks onder elke handpalm, twee SilicaDisks onder de voetzolen en een Getachyoniseerd oogkussen over de ogen.

After lying in the Cocoon for 15 minutes, the treatment is almost complete and it is time to relax. A lot has happened in the Tachyon treatment, and you will feel it.

Aura photos of the effect on the aura after Tachyonized drops of water

Before and after 10 drops of tachyonized water. Before and after 10 drops of tachyonized water.
Before and after 10 drops of tachyonized water. Before and after 10 drops of tachyonized water.



The photos on the left were taken before the drops. Ten minutes later we gave 10 drops of Tachyonized water through their mouths and after another 10 minutes, pictures were taken again. The highly experienced aura photo photographer looked doubtful when he saw the second photos. He had expected such a strong change in the aura field from someone who would meditate for 20 years on a mountain in the Hamalayas, but not in 10 minutes with the drops. Wow.

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Please print and fill this life_profile and bring it with you to your first session with Sakshin or you can send it by mail. All information will be handled in strict confidentiality.

Tachyon energy article from Bres magazine no.197 from 1999, written by Sakshin.

Science calls her TACHYON

Tachyon is the primordial energy of the universe and is described in every spiritual tradition. For example, it is referred to as; Chi, Prana, Reiki, Watanka, Holy Spirit and recently through the new time movement as Cosmic Energy. Science calls her TACHYON. In every tradition, reference is made to what creates, inspires and can be the cause of what is.
TACHYON is what the information indicates that which is. So if somewhere and a blockade occurs that makes that information no longer accessible, we get problems. Mental, spiritual or physical.

Tachyon always works

This is usually the time to engage a healer who specializes in being one or more aspects. This then treats the ailment in the physical body. Because Tachyon works on many dimensions at the same time, the ailment is also dissolved in the spirit body and in the soul body.

Tachyon works always and everywhere and at all places and levels simultaneously. It is the immeasurable form of what we are and has an extremely high intelligence. That way there will never be too much Tachyon recorded and it flows exactly where it is needed.

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