Carbon60 Fullerenes

Welcome to the world of the Carbon60 molecule, also named Buckeyball or Fullerene

Carbon60 Fullerenes

How I got involved in Carbon60 Fullerene

Someone, on the terras where I tend to DJ, asked me how I felt. Not a very strange question is you know that I did spend 6 days in intensive care and a week recovery in hospital from ‘Tick Fever’ three months before. I told him that i was recovered but that my liver got damaged along the way. I told him as well that i take a lot of herbs, berries, nuts and vitamins that are good for the liver. Carbon60 Fullerene molecules.

“I have something for you”, he said. “It’s not illegal yet but that might be soon. It’s Olive Oil, infused with Carbon60 Fullerene molecules. It’s a very powerful antioxidant and I take it myself for 2 months now. I feel better then ever and I have so much energy”. And that was true.

He kept on talking and talking about this miracle molucule that has been discovered in 1993 and of which the only real study on the effects of Carbon60 Fullerenes has been done on small mamals (rats). They wanted to see how toxic it was for the body in big quantities. They kind of overdosed the rats with Carbon60 Fullerenes to determine it’s toxidity.

But guess what: Instead of dying younger, the animals lived twice as long as the control groups of which one was only given water and who died at the normal rat dying age of 32 months. The other group received pure Olive oil and lived 36% longer (that’s why the mediteranean diet works) and the animals who received Carbon60 Fullerenes dissolved in pure Olive oil lived 190% of their normal lifespan.

Even at very old age the animals who received the Carbon60 molecules were very young looking, behaving like two year olds and still had quite some flesh on their bones. Upon examining the dead bodies of the Carbon60 Fullerene fed animals, they discovered that they, a special breed that creates cancer for research, hadn’t developped any tumor at all. And from that moment on it gets exiting …

Exiting future for Carbon60 fullerenes

Since the above mentioned research, not much medicines have been developped with Carbon60. Imagen a simple Carbon molucule with 60 carbon atoms that restores the human and animal condition to their preferred state without chemo therapy or other medicines that often create more damage then good. Trillions of profit they make every year on the sickness of their patients without the patients best interest in mind. That’s the reason why it’s been kept a secret untill recently.

More and more people will learn about Carbon60 Fullerenes. But not through the farmaceutical companies, but through the alternative channels. Soon the lid will be blown off and they will do whatever they can to protect their huge profits. Send me an email to get your bottles for yourself and your loved ones and let the Fullerenes do their work.

Drive to start doing things

Even without reading the study I was already sold. The man who aproached me gave me a little sample of 10 ml 2 days later and I ingested about 2 ml in an instand. Great taste. Nice olive oil. That night the effect kicked in. A bright and clear mind is not handy for sleeping, so I slept only a few hours. That next day I was so happy and enthousiastic about everything, I had so much drive to start doing things and manifest. It was a great feeling and I shared my joy with all around me.

The next day

The next day, however, everything went wrong. I had a serious shit day. So shit that I even spoke it out, something I would normally never do when things don’t go the way I would like them to go. My car broke down, my computer broke down, my phone stopt working and couldn’t be upgraded etc, etc. Some nagging clients were the crème on the cake. Time for some more intake of 2 ml Carbon60 Fullerene.

Guess what I noticed?

I think I went to bed very late with strange sensations in certain toes, like someone was poking me with a needle. But it was ok. I slept good and woke up fresh. This new day was an energy day again. I felt it. I got dressed and, … eeeh, guess what I noticed? I could stretch my arm! My frozen shoulder, which I suffered from for quite a while, was suddenly gone. I could move it 360 degrees again after months of not even using my left arm anymore. Wuaaa. And what else did I notice? Clear thoughts, like a fog had been lifted, a drive to do the things that I would normally don’t like to do so much, like putting the garbage outside, cleaning up a mess in the garden etc, etc.

Healing and restoring the human and animal condition

I am so impressed with its capability of healing and restoring the human and animal condition, not only through my own experience but also the many many testimanials from other people, that I am going to promote Carbon60.

Carbon60 powder is sold out ‘Worldwide’, at the moment. That must mean that a lot of people are experimenting with it.

Baati study report:  

Carbon60 Fullerene is not a drug. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice or instruction.