Lately, I combine Tachyon energy (frequency less) with the Rife frequency device (only frequencies) for my treatments, with excellent results. When you are here we’ll do a Biofeedback scan while you are being submerged in a flow of Tachyon energy. After that, you will be treated remotely according to the results of the Biofeedback scan combined with your expressed bodily, mental, emotional, or spiritual complaints.

It was 23 years ago now (1996) that I was trained to become a Tachyon Energy Facilitator by the discoverer, David Wagner, himself. And in those years I’ve treated many, many people, from all over the world.

Most of the treatments had a fantastic outcome, even better than expected. But sometimes the changes were not as visible and spectacular as the others, but a deep re-enforcement of the body always took place.

Tachyon is intelligent energy, filling our whole universe that instructs every particle of your being what to do and how to behave if the communication between the Tachyon energy field and parts of you malfunction, then illness and pain arise.

During a treatment, buried and hidden traumas can come to the surface, to be released and healed. And often the physical problems disappear soon after that.

During those years, I haven’t been sitting still. I learned skills like Reconnective healing, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Rebirthing, to name a few. My last improvement has been acquiring Rife frequency generators, and now my Tachyon energy treatments got infused with elements of all of them, especially the Frequency generators.

The treatments are suitable for young and old and people and animals alike, and they take place on location or long distance. An average session takes about one hour. Anything can change for the better with these treatments.

Contact me to see what I can do for you.

Miracles exist. Welcome to, the Tachyon Energy & Rife frequency Facilitator.