Tachyon energy treatment table

Tachyon energy treatments

One of the healing arts is Tachyon energy. This Tachyon energy is present all around us and fills the entire universe, including your body. Every atom exchanges information with this energy source all the time and receives information on how to function, at the speed of light.

A blockage in the body, caused by psychological or mental disturbances, disrupts this energy and information exchange and pain, illness or other discomforts are the results. By releasing a lot of Tachyon energy on the blockages, they weaken and disappear and improvement occurs almost immediately, no matter what it was.

Tachyon sessions are offered as single sessions at various health centers and offered as 3 in a row sessions, which works better, at my own place.

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Miracles exist, welcome to Sakshin.nl.

Rife frequency generator

Since 2nd quarter of 2019 I work with the RIFE frequency generators. Most diseases are created by bateria, virusses and molds and they all have their own frequency. By adding their exact same frequency to your body through the Frequency generator, the resonating bateria, virusses and molds explode and the disease will soon after vanish.

If you know what’s wrong with you we can start to work straight away. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with you, we will let the device scan your full body first to see what disturbing frequencies come up and and treat them after that.

Reconnective healing

The special Reconnective Healing was discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl from Los Angeles. Eric enjoys a lot of interest from top doctors, medical researchers, hospitals and universities worldwide. Among others from the Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, University Hospital of Miami and Arizona

“For me, working with Reconnection Healing is a relief. I create the space in which ‘that’ happens that can happen. Every session is a happy surprise with special results for both parties.” Sakshin

Reconnective Healing is a powerful new way that can heal body and mind and is very different from Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or Pranic Healing. It surpasses any technique that you have ever encountered.

Reconnective Healing, a form of healing present here on our planet for the first time, establishes a connection between the energy orbits of our deepest being and those of the earth and the universe.

Reconnective Healing is able to reconnect with the universe and our deepest being, not only through a new set of healing frequencies, but possibly through a whole new bandwidth. The effectiveness of Reconnective Healing has been clearly demonstrated by practical experiences, but also in scientific laboratories.

“If you are lucky, you will receive the healing you were hoping for. If you are really lucky, you will receive a healing that you did not expect in your wildest dreams, a healing that the Universe had in mind for you.” Eric Pearl


Sakshin has learned Rebirthing from Shanti Devi, Heike Strombacher and Leonard Orr, the discoverer. Rebirthing is much more than breathing “differently”. And you can now experience how life-changing a series of sessions can be. Welcome to the real you.


“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”