All-terrain full detox, 11 days, through remote frequency device

How to join the all-terrain full detox

All-terrain full detox. Just send me a small piece of your nail and the device will send the detox frequencies to the double helix of your DNA in your nail, which is still connected with its source; you.

Day 1Detox Remove Metals
Day 2Detox Remove Metals
Day 3Detox Remove Chemical Materials
Day 4Detox Remove Systemic Toxins 1
Day 5Detox Remove Systemic Toxins 2
Day 6Detox Remove Intestinal Toxins
Detox Remove Systemic Toxins 3
Day 7Detox Parasites and Liver Function
Day 8Detox Kidney Function 1
Day 9Detox Kidney Function 2
Detox Cleanse Blood
Day 10Detox Kidney and Liver Toxins
Detox Intestinal Parasites
Day 11Detox Kidney and Liver Toxins
Detox Intestinal Parasites

Want to see how the all-terrain full detox works?

After the detox, your body will function better and any future frequency treatment will be more effective.

The 11 day remote detox will start after enough participants have joined or when mentioned on the Facebook page.

The cost for letting the Frequency generator run the 11-day remote detox: €440,-

5 people can join the detox so: €440 divided by 5 = €88,- per person.