Added frequencies to Tachyon energy sessions

Working with Tachyon Energy since 1996 has been an amazing journey in which I soaked hundreds of people in the Frequency-less ‘Glue of the Universe’ in order to reconnect their being with the source and to regain optimal functioning in this 3D existence.

Each atom, molecule, cell, organ, and being is in constant interaction with this intelligent, faster than light energy and helps restore the interaction to its normal values. But as Tachyon Energy strengthens all, it also strengthens the viruses, bacteria, molds and other stuff that challenges your immune system and your health.

So now, since recently, I added a frequency generator to the sessions, that detects and kills pathogens that cause stress and disturbances to the body and gets rid of it.

Royal Rife

Mr. Royal Rife discovered in the 1930s that most dis-eases have their source in bacteria, viruses, and molds. And he also discovered that each virus, mold, and bacteria has its own specific frequency. And to destroy the bad ones that alter cell structures, molecules, and DNA, which result in dis-ease, he unleashed that same frequency on them, together with a frequency in the 11th harmonic above, through a frequency generator.

Remote frequency generator

Now the knowledge and the devices are making a come back and I am using one of those machines as well.

All his patients got 100% healed and that was the beginning of the end of his career. The Pharmaceutical companies weren’t waiting for devices that could heal without medication and his devices were confiscated, his lab burnt down and he got blacklisted.

Treatment room

The frequency-less field of Tachyon energy combined met the specific frequencies of the device make the absolute perfect combination to tackle anything.

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I’m not a doctor, so Disclaimer: *None of the statements on this text have been evaluated by the FDA. They are not meant to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease, nor act as medical advice in any form or fashion. All are meant for research, experimental and educational use only and are not meant to be a replacement for any medical treatment or advise. All statements here are protected by our own religious right under the Freedom of Religion Act of our personal choice of expressing the best health ever through of our temple body as our God-given birthright. All of the tools, information and services are determined as our own religious practice. It is not the products or me that heal anyway, it is always God’s Light which beats your heart that heals when you give your body all it needs and purify it from all that it doesn’t. X