Interview andreas kalcker proect camelot


I distilled some highlights out of his interview below.

ANDREAS KALCKER is a Swiss bio physicist who studied the working of Naclo2 (MMS) for 13 years.

Please read the many positive reviews below the video on Youtube.

Chloride dioxide (Clo2) is wordlwide used for the following purposes:

  • It is used for cleaning and disinfecting the plastic blood bags used for blood transfusions since 1994, by law.
  • It is used for drinking water cleaning all over the world
  • It is used to clean dead poultry like chicken of bacteria

Nobody ever died from consuming Chlorine dioxide. 292ml per kilogram bodyweight is the toxicity level (the level that will kill you).

Andreas did spend the last 13 years (2007-2020) 100% on studying Chlorine dioxide.

Clo2 Eliminates Bacteria, viruses, and fungus. For these properties, it is used for hundreds of years already.

Clo2 has 2 Chlorine atoms on one side of the molecule and two oxygen molecules on the other side.

Clo2 has 2 Chlorine atoms on one side of the molecule and two oxygen molecules on the other side.

It kills the most acid elements first, by releasing its Oxigen molecules, thus burning and killing the pathogen.

Clo2 is a parallel Oxygen carrier in the blood and stays active between 1 to 2 hours until it released all of its oxygen.

HydroChloroquine is used for 100 years with success against Malaria but nobody really knows how it works. According to Andreas, it works because it contains Chlorin, which has 2 oxygen molecules to burn (oxidizes) the Malaria parasite. But because HydroChloroquine has Hydrogen inside it can cause heart problems and is not so well suited for heart patients. That is a side effect that Chlorine dioxide doesn’t have.

You can never create a resistance in the body for Chlorine dioxide because the only thing it actually does is oxidizing the pathogens. A Virus can change every two weeks. If you want to vaccinate against a virus, you should get a new vaccination every two weeks. MMS always works.

Andreas prescribed the MMS to his sister who was suffering from Covid19 in Guayaquil Ecuador, March 2020, because she couldn’t be helped in the hospital due to too many patients. Within 6 hours her symptoms vanished and she is now recovering.

Clo2 is a gas, soluable in water. And because of these properties its not been approved in the medical world.

NaClo2 is SodiumChloride. HydroChloride is Bleach.