Cleanse Your Lungs With Honey-Water

You have probably heard about honey’s health benefits, but have you ever heard about healing properties of honey-water?

How to prepare honey-water

Put one teaspoon of honey in a glass of fresh lukewarm water and mix. You will get a 30% honey mixture which has identical composition as blood plasma. Honey creates a cluster compound in the water which increases this mixture’s health benefits. Honey-water is easily absorbed by our organism.

Honey-water’s healing powers

It normalizes digestion process, which means it puts an end to the “lazy intestines” problem.

It strengthens the immune system, treats clods, is great against bronchitis and it cleanses mucus in the lungs.

Cleanses the digestive tract of parasites and prevents their breeding. It also cleanses the intestines of toxin deposits.

In the beginning you will notice increasing of your waist line but do not worry. This happens because fecal sediments swell, become softer, therefore their process of exiting the body starts.

The process of cleansing cells in our organism starts. The antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties increase.

Colon’s work is normalized. Honey-water will help in the process of rejuvenating colon’s micro flora and eliminating bacteria.

This mixture can help in preventing the unpleasant and uncontrolled night urination. Honey collects water, which means the kidneys are not over worked.

How to consume honey-water

For preventive purposes, drink the honey-water in the morning on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink it fast. The stomach valve opens immediately and the water quickly enters in the intestines.

From this point on, water is entering our blood stream. Honey-water should be consumed in the morning and in the evening. You will not have any problems if you drink this beverage in the evening because it soothes kidney’s work.

Make sure you always drink freshly prepared honey-water.

You can use this mixture to clean your face because it will make your skin softer, shinier and silky. Honey-water is great natural cosmetics and it is the oldest, yet most modern at the same time.

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