Detoxifying ionic foot bath

I added a foot bath detox system to my toolbox. And it´s something more than just bubbles in the water…
One of the most promising results of a Detoxifying ionic foot bath is heavy metals removal. Negative ions do the job here. It is similar to walking barefoot on wet grass. Electrolysis is providing the detox action and the total treatment time is 40 minutes.

Some people noticed better eyesight and some other effects after that. Foot bath is thought to be the best and the fastest way of removing toxic matter from the tissues in general. It may also reduce swelling and inflammation in the entire body, not only in the legs.

Mind you that cleansing, as well as fasting, helps in removing the deposits in our eyes and in improving our vision. With age, our lens becomes less translucent due to sediments and deposits.

Detoxifying ionic foot bath

There are many testimonials on the web of people whose health improved after the ionic foot bath.
I want to show you a short film on YT (2:28) The bath becomes really dirty with the used device in the video but I use another device, as shown in the image. The effect is the same however but the water gets less gross.
From minute 1:20 you can see the evidence! A urine sample tested before and after such treatment. No other words needed. After treatment, there are higher values of many heavy metals in urine, including mercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium.

So book yourself an amazing foot bath detox session with a Rife frequency generator now and get rid of your balast.

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