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Jim Humble’s Newsletter about Corona

MMS Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)


I first discovered that MMS (chlorine dioxide) can help people recover their health, 24 years ago. Since that time more than 2 million people have recovered their health from just about all known diseases, in a total of about 175 different countries. Many people are now using it around the world for a wide range of ailments/disease in a variety of ways.

And now for some good news—two days ago we received word that 14 people who were confirmed cases of COVID-19 (in Europe), took MMS and have recovered their health. All of these tested positive and when re-tested after taking MMS, they came out negative for COVID-19. In addition, we have other testimonies coming in now from various parts of the world, of people with coronavirus who have taken MMS and have recovered. Apart from what has come in directly to me, we have seen other testimonials on web boards and in comment boxes on the internet of people who took MMS and recovered from the virus.

Those of us who have used chlorine dioxide (MMS) over the years certainly expected it to also work with this virus, but we wanted to be sure and now with this data we are confident that the proper mixture of chlorine dioxide (MMS) has every hope of eradicating COVID-19.

The next question that I anticipate is on everyone’s mind is what did these people do for COVID-19? What protocol did they follow? In the reports we have received, people have done different things that have worked. My intent here is to hopefully bring some clarity to this subject.

MMS is an amazing substance. I have set out very specific guidelines in my latest book on how to use MMS, and I personally encourage people to follow those guidelines—but MMS is very forgiving, and though we set out specific protocols for various things, it is important to stay open. MMS is not always a one size fits all deal, nothing health related really is. This is why I highly advocate the Three Golden Rules of MMS. Anyone who has ever heard from me personally knows that I am always pointing people to the Three Golden Rules of MMS, which essentially helps an individual determine the proper dose for them personally.

In brief, the Three Golden Rules of MMS are:

If you are getting better—do not change anything. Continue with what you are doing—keep doing the same dose.

If you are feeling worse—showing signs of nausea, diarrhea or vomiting, reduce your MMS intake by 50%. Reduce, but don’t quit—keep up the hourly dosing.

If you are not getting better, neither getting worse—if there are no signs of improvement, do the next increase or go to the next protocol, increase your intake of MMS.

I have outlined these principles in this letter, because it’s very important to know this and because right now, even in the MMS community, there have been a variety of recommendations on how much MMS to take for coronavirus. Some suggested dosing is rather high dosing, other suggested dosing has been on the lower side, and some more in the middle. All of the various suggestions may be good and all of them may work, but possibly not for everyone. Remember, we are all bio-individual. Each person is different and what may be going on in one person’s body is different from the next person. There are so many variables that enter into the equation. With MMS, some may do better on a low and slow approach, even with coronavirus, and others may need higher dosing.

This is why you must pay close attention to what your body is telling you, and follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS so you can adjust the protocols according to what your own body is asking for, or requiring. So please remember this, I can’t say it enough. If you are taking a certain dosage of MMS and you start to feel worse, lower your dose. If you are taking a certain dosage and you don’t see any results, up your dosage some. Adjust the protocol to what works for you.

Having said this, we have seen over the years, that taking MMS in most any form brings good results in some way. As for my advice, this is what I would suggest for coronavirus:

(Please note, especially if you are new to MMS: Below I talk about 3-drop doses and 6-drop doses of MMS. All MMS doses are made by taking drops of sodium chlorite solution 22.4% in distilled water and mixing it with drops of a food grade acid activator. Usually 50% citric acid or 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid) are used and at these percentages you mix the drops, drop for drop. A 3-drop dose would mean taking a clean, dry glass and putting 3 drops of the sodium chlorite solution and 3 drops of the acid activator in the glass. Gently swirl the drops so they mix together and count 30 seconds. The mixture should turn amber color. Then add 4 ounces of purified water and drink it down. All MMS doses are taken in 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water. When I say a 3-drop dose or a 6-drop dose, it goes without saying that means the drops are mixed as stated above and added to water. Never take MMS drops without adding water. For more details on mixing a dose of MMS and possibly using other acid activators, please refer to the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for instructions.)

If you have COVID-19:

–Take Protocol 6 and 6 to start. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS, then one hour later take another 6-drop dose of MMS.

–After two 6-drop doses of MMS, go on hourly doses of 3 activated drops in 4 ounces of water hourly. BUT work up to the 3 drops per hour, start with 1 drop for a dose or two, then go up to 2 drops, then 3 drops—that is, if your body is tolerating it, if not, lower this dosing, but keep taking hourly doses for eight consecutive hours a day.

–I suggest that the hourly doses of MMS every day (for 8 consecutive hours) be kept up for a period of 3 weeks (21 days). Even if one feels completely recovered and shows no symptoms, it would be prudent to keep up the 3 week protocol. This is for the purpose to detox the body and therefore strengthen the immune system, as well as guard against relapse.

–After the 21 days is completed if all is well, I suggest going on a daily maintenance dose of MMS. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS daily and make it on-going.

–For children, follow the same instructions as above and cut the amounts in half.

If one does not have coronavirus but knows you have been directly exposed:

–In this case, it may be wise to do the Starting Procedure, followed by Protocol 1000–which is the 3 week protocol taking MMS for 8 consecutive hours every day. This is outlined in my book the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, available here: jhbooks.org

For everyone—if you have not been directly exposed:

–As per the news reports of how the virus is spreading, if you want to strengthen your immune system and take preventative measures, I would suggest taking a daily maintenance dose of MMS. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS daily, be sure to not take this while drinking coffee, tea, orange juice, milk, alcohol and things particularly high in antioxidants. This works well to take first thing in the morning, then wait an hour before drinking or eating anything else. (If too strong on the stomach first thing in the morning, take at another time during the day, but space it out from food and drink.) Another good time to take it is before bed-time.

There is a dosage chart in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for guidelines on how to adjust the maintenance dose for children, according to their weight.

Overall, the above suggestions are what I would do for Coronavirus. However, below is another suggestion based on a report that came in this week. It involves taking MMS more frequently. This is something that I have seen over the years—that is, that for some conditions, taking MMS more frequently as in every 10 or 15 minutes for a number of hours is often very effective. Depending on what the condition is, the dose would be fairly low, though sometimes it is needed to be a higher dose, again, depending on the condition. I have done this myself for various things, such as a strong attack of bronchial problems and extreme coughing and difficulty breathing, and the frequent dosing for a time brought quick results. So, I believe there is a time to keep MMS running through your system in shorter intervals of time than once every hour. In my personal experience it was every 10 or 15 minutes. In the testimonial below it was given every 5 to 10 minutes but in smaller amounts as the man was sipping the MMS, not taking a larger gulp or a full 4 ounce dose.

Here is the testimony of a man who was experiencing very serious symptoms of Coronavirus:

The man is 85 years old and was confirmed to have coronavirus. He was quarantined at home, all of his relatives at home were also infected, but the elderly man was in very serious condition and on oxygen—by far he was the most worst off. He was given a 1 liter bottle of water which had 20 activated drops of MMS added to it. He was instructed to take a sip from the bottle every five minutes, but not to let it go past 10 minutes. So every 5 to 10 minutes the man took a sip (not a big gulp, just a sip) from the bottle—that’s all, but he did this faithfully, every 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day until the bottle was finished, just a sip each time. After three days he was noticeably improved and off of the oxygen, so his dose was reduced to 12 activated drops in the 1 liter bottle of water and he drank from it, just sipping it, every half hour. He is recovering quickly—90% improved, has just a slight remnant of cough occasionally. The rest of the family who also took MMS are now fully recovered.

I would suggest this is something one might try, especially if they have an extreme case of coronavirus—I think however, I would alter it to 24 drops of activated MMS in the 1 liter bottle of water. For those of you who are familiar with Protocol 1000, please note that Protocol 1000 is essentially taking 24 drops of MMS a day. (This is eight hourly doses, of 3 drops of MMS each dose.) In the case above, the man was taking nearly the equivalent of Protocol 1000, but I believe taking it in sips and frequently, every 5 to 10 minutes, was obviously a key for him to keep the MMS running through his system at a certain pace. He had a more drastic case of the virus, showed more serious symptoms and it seems taking the MMS in a more constant manner helped him.

In general, I advocate taking fresh made doses of MMS whenever possible. But this does not rule out across the board other possibilities, as in this case, a premade bottle, which worked for this man. There is a lot to be said for hydrating the body, and it is known that hydrating the body works best in frequent smaller sips of water, rather than chugging down your daily water quota in one fell swoop (or two). How much better to hydrate by sipping water more frequently throughout the day, and in the case of wanting to strengthen the immune system, with water that has MMS added.

In any case, this is an encouraging testimonial and definitely something to keep in mind if you or anyone you know has a severe case of the virus. Of course, if the same man would have followed the 6 and 6 Protocol, followed by hourly doses, the results likely would have been the same—though perhaps the sipping in smaller amounts was easier for him. Listen to your body and do as you feel led, if one thing is not bringing results move on to another. As for any other suggested protocols you may receive from the MMS community, again, go with what you think will work for you, but please, please, please pay close attention to the Three Golden Rules of MMS.

If it has been suggested that you use CDS, that’s Chlorine Dioxide Solution, it might be OK and so I would not say don’t try it. But know that CDS is a different form of MMS. We have seen that all forms of MMS help people recover their health, but I and others have concluded that in some cases those who take CDS can tend to come to a stalemate in their health recovery, and they have to either substantially increase the amount they are taking, or go to taking the original MMS1 fresh mixed drops. I would suggest using CDS only if you do not have MMS1 available. Please see the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, Appendix A, for more thorough details on the difference between CDS and MMS1.

Another point is that some people have asked if MMS2 is effective in eradicating coronavirus. To date, I have not received any reports of people using it with the virus, however, if you have MMS2 and do not have MMS1, it would certainly be worth a try using it, and in my opinion, it is highly likely to do the job. In this case, follow Protocol 4000, which is basically taking 5 capsules (either size 1 or size 0) of MMS2 a day. Take them two hours apart. Fill the capsules with a little MMS2 powder to start, then gradually increase the amount of powder until you reach full if using #1 size capsules, or until you reach ¾ full for #0 size capsules. When taking MMS2, remember the Three Golden Rules of MMS apply, increase or decrease the amount you are taking according to what your body is telling you.

Remember, there are many guidelines to take into account when taking MMS1 and MMS2. This newsletter is already long, so please see the full details on how to use MMS, how to mix up a dose, and do’s and don’ts in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Also available is The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium which gives complete details for making your own MMS solution. Both books are available here: jhbooks.org

I hope this helps. Remember, keep doing the right thing and help one another.

To your good health, safety and well-being,

Jim Humble

This is my disclaimer as it seems everyone must have a disclaimer nowadays: I have given certain advice in the above email letter. It is the advice I would follow myself if I were in the same situation. However I do not advise you or anyone, to follow my advice without getting the advice from a professional. Each person must take responsibility for his own health. So, please do what you feel is best.