Miracle Mineral Solution – MMS -It Has Incredible Benefits

By Andreas Moritz

Hi. Today I wish to discuss the product MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. It used to be titled Miracle Mineral Supplement but the FDA, Federal Drug Administration, states that this product could do damage to individuals although there has never been any evidence to that effect.

On the contrary, this product has had overwhelming helpful outcomes in individuals who have taken it for several objectives containing malaria following which… one dose or two doses of it… it would get rid of malaria altogether.

It has additionally been showcased to profit hepatitis, all kinds of all forms of hepatitis infection, and numerous other ailments in particular the accumulation of heavy metals and the resulting malfunctions of the thyroid, other endocrine organs, the brain and liver, and nervous system.

I have been recommending MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution for years and have found amazing benefits in using it for people suffering from severe chemo sensitivity disorders or other difficult conditions.

That is why I say MMS not only breaks down harmful chemicals and heavy metals in the body but also boosts the immune system and eliminates bacteria in the body that are induced by these contaminants. So it moves three times. It stimulates the immune system; It breaks down harmful chemicals and toxins into completely neutral substances that are harmless.

The final effect of taking MMS is that there is a little tiny bit of sodium which is found in salt, regular salt and sea salt, it basically shows up in the body and is removed through the normal passages such as the kidneys. There is no harmful chemical trace element left behind except a tiny amount of sodium, which is eliminated very quickly from the body.

The real active ingredient in this MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution – is sodium chloride, which, when processed, becomes chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is basically chlorine combined with oxygen – chlorine dioxide – and this is the same that you find the same chlorine in table salt or regular sea salt and the sodium obviously that results from the action of chlorine dioxide in the body is once again very harmless and is eliminated readily.

Chlorine dioxide basically oxidizes and breaks down harmful metals in your system. Sometimes, when you take more than the recommended two drops every two to three hours per day for two weeks, you may have nausea or diarrhea and you may feel weak.

This occurs with the widespread elimination of viral or bacterial substances as well as many toxins and pathogens associated with liver infections. So if all of these things happen quickly it will block the exit organs; kidneys, liver, and colon, and can cause these effects like nausea or diarrhea.

It’s always good to follow the instructions carefully when taking this product. The exact instructions are often mailed to you after buying your product. There are lots of testimonials from people who have taken it and these are pretty much authentic, which I can confirm because I have received similar testimonials from people that I have heard back from. So you can definitely trust that this is a good product.

There is a lot of fuss from the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry who want to see this product disappear from websites and worldwide because it is as effective as it can be used for any cancer and heart disease for all kinds of ailments, and these benefits they are so overwhelming that the FDA is finding this to be very offensive because they support the pharmaceutical industry and don’t want a product that can be taken by anyone for little money and usually leaves expensive medicines aside. The pharmaceutical industry mainly manufactures and sponsors the FDA so it is clear that medical companies are told that having such a product in a competitive market can reduce their revenue.

So, I do recommend this product. I used to sell it myself on my website, but I no longer have been doing that since the FDA has cracked down on websites that sell it, however, there are plenty of websites (contact me) that sell the new version, not the latest, but the new MMS which is called Miracle Mineral Solution.

Thank you.

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