Source-breathwork groepsessie 19 jan. 2012

Heart Core Thursday with Shanti
Thursday 19 january 2012
Source Group Session
18:30-22:30 h
Okido Yoga Center
van Ostadestraat 385-H, De Pijp
€ 45 p.p.
Voor degene die kennis willen maken met ademwerk en/of op een laagdrempelige manier de kracht van het ademwerk willen ervaren!
Ook aan te raden als onderhoudsdosis voor mensen die al individuele sessies gedaan hebben.
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A good introduction to source-breathwork and a liberating experience for newcomers, also a wonderful opportunity for experienced breathworkers to breathe and expand your heart in a group.
Wear comfortable clothes and eat only lightly before the session.
Avoiding coffee and alcohol 2 days before and after the session will effect the session positively.

with Shanti Devi
24 & 25 March 2012
Okido Yogacenter, van Ostadestraat 385-H Amsterdam
A 2 day intensive for people who have attended groupsessions or individual sessions with Shanti before and want to make a leap!
This training is also for people who are interested in deepening their process into the breath.
This is the first of 3 trainings to become a certified breathworker and is a thorough introduction to Source-Breathwork.
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This is a great preparation to raise your frequency for the Loving Relationships Trainingby Sondra Ray, the mother of breathwork with Mark Sullivan in May 2012 in Amsterdam!

– Connecting with the Source through Breathwork is simply the best one can do for oneself –

Breathwork sessions with Shanti in Goa (India)
all February 2012!
Would you like to breathe near the beach?

Source-Breathwork is a good combination with Watsu sessions available at the Watsu Centre in Goa where there is plenty of yoga and delicious organic food…

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First 2 weeks of March 2012 Andaman Islands/India:
Breathwork Quest on request!!!

Heart Tribe, A new global network!
See Shanti’s new vision here: Heart-Tribe!

A website (under construction) for an international network of great lightworkers, teachers, healers, doctors and bodyworkers across the globe, who work heart-based and deliver high quality work in raising your frequency to assist you in the shift!

Send us a mail if you want to propose healers that you’ve had personal outstanding experience with, especially indigenous ones!
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* Source-Breathwork is organizing unique expeditions this year, to breathe at natural hotsprings/powerspots around the globe. Find out more by subscribing to the Source-Newsletter here!

* The complete certification breathwork-training will be given in Tulum (Mexico) in September 2012! More in next newsletters…

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All is well, you are loved and loving!
Big hug!
Shanti Devi and Laxmi
T : +31-6-34901870