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The cure for covid-19 already exist. Andreas Kalcker interviewed about chlorine dioxide as a lifesaving therapy for humanity

Image: Does the cure for covid-19 already exist? Andreas Kalcker interviewed about chlorine dioxide as a lifesaving therapy for humanity

Every intelligent person is already aware that the pharma-controlled medical establishment and lamestream media rolled out a coordinated smear campaign against hydroxychloroquine to crush the clinical trials and destroy all hope of an effective, low-cost treatment for covid-19. The goal, of course, is to clear the way for high-profit prescription drugs (like the scandal-plagued Remdesivir drug) or experimental vaccines that will almost certainly present significant health risks to the public. (Natural News)

Make no mistake: The mainstream media is the enemy of humanity, and they are willing to see millions of people suffer and die, if necessary, to continue suppressing natural medicine, nutrition, alternative therapies, off-patent prescription drugs and anything else it takes to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits for the drug cartels.

That’s why they’ve upped the attacks on chlorine dioxide, falsely calling it “bleach” as a contrived, dishonest smear. Bleach is actually sodium hypochlorite. That’s a completely different molecule than chlorine dioxide, obviously. But the lying lamestream media continues to brainwash their readers and listeners into believing that sodium hypochlorite = chlorine dioxide.

That’s like saying salt is the same as water. And it demonstrates the level of desperation the “narrative controllers” are stooping to in order to try to crush the really good news about chlorine dioxide and how it might help save potentially millions of lives in this raging global coronavirus pandemic.

Oxygen deprivation is the cause of death for most covid-19 victims. As our guest explains in the video below, chlorine dioxide floods the blood with oxygen, immediately enriching the hemoglobin molecules on red blood cells and allowing patients to breathe again.

One of the top experts on chlorine dioxide is Andreas Kalcker ( We caught up with him for an intriguing interview for Brighteon Conversations. Watch and share the full interview below.

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