Unity Breath Meditation

Sri Yukteswar Giri

The following instructions can be achieved with or without the Light Body. This is a source of action that is the most perfect that I know of. This information comes from Sri Yukteswar Giri, Yogananda’s guru. It is one of the final stages of Kriya Yoga. May this be a blessing in your life. Listen to the Spoken meditation

1. Sit quietly where you will not be disturbed.

2. Be aware of your Light Body or Mer-Ka-Ba

if you can. If you cannot, then just be aware of a tube of light that is embedded inside your body. If you are Buddhist, you may be aware of this tube. It is similar to a fluorescent tube in that it is straight and glass-like and about the same diameter.

If you hold your middle finger and thumb together, that will be the size of your tube. It runs from one hand length above your head to one hand length below your feet. It enters your head at the crown chakara on the top of the head or, in other words, the place where a baby pulses directly after birth.

It then leaves the body at the perineum, the soft place between the anus and the genitals, but continues between the legs to one hand length below the feet.

Place your attention on this tube as you begin.

3. Shift your attention to Mother Earth,

the Divine Female. Let yourself feel love for her. See nature, trees, rivers, mountains etc., and feel love for this beautiful planet. Realize how much that she has given to you, and allow your emotional body to feel love for her.

This cannot be intellectualized. You cannot say to yourself, “I am now feeling love for Mother Earth”. It must be a fully body experience. You must actually “feel” love for her. If you cannot really feel love for Mother Earth, then there is no need to continue.

4. Once the feeling of love is in your heart,

then imagine your love being put into a small ball about two inches in diameter at your heart chakara. This chakara is just above the sternum and in the center of your body (inside the tube).

Zoek een lekker plekje uit

Now with your intention, send this love (in the little ball) down your tube to the center of the earth, and wait for a reply from Mother Earth. She will reply. You are her child; of course she will reply. For some this happens almost instantly.

For others it may take two or three minutes. You will “feel” the reply. You will “feel” her love coming back to you. When you do, let the love spread through your Light Body.

5. Without breaking the connection

to Mother Earth that you have just made, shift your attention to what we call Father Sky, the Divine Male. Father Sky is the rest of creation other than the earth. See perhaps, the night sky with all the stars shinning brightly.

See the Milky Way and the other planets moving through space. Feel the love you have for the Father. When this love becomes strong, place this love into a small ball at your heart chakara, and send it up your tube into the space above the earth about 60 miles above the earth’s surface.

We cannot explain what happens here, as it is too complicated. You will have to trust.

Send your love into the space surrounding the earth, and wait for a reply from Father Sky. You will “feel” his love coming back to you. When you do, let the love spread through your Light Body.

6. Now you have both the love

of the Divine Mother and the love of the Divine Father
in your heart at the same moment. This seldom happens in human experience. You are now ready for the next part of this meditation.

7. Without stopping this Divine Love,

place your attention on your breathing tube. Be aware of the very ends or tips of the tube one-hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet.

Now with your intention, open this tube so that the consciousness of All Life Everywhere begins to flow into your body. This is the very consciousness of God. This Light will instantly pervade your entire Light Body.

You are now breathing God. God is everywhere. God has always been within your space. This meditation simply allows you to be aware of it by making a conscious connection. This almost always is a very powerful experience.

8. There is one more part.

There is a cosmic law that says that whenever we receive, we must give back. At this point, imagine a sphere around your body, (or use one of the actual energy spheres if you are aware of them) that is filled with the Light from God that entered through your tube.

See this sphere surrounding your entire body. Now let this sphere begin to expand like a balloon being blown up. First slowly, then faster and faster. After a second or two it will be moving at a tremendous speed. Now let it expand with the intention that it returns to God.

It expands at the speed of thought to the source of the Light. It expands throughout all dimensions and all levels of reality. God is now breathing you.

9. The image is a flow coming in

through your breathing tube, spreading throughout your Light Body, and then returning to the Source.

10. At this moment, you are in the presence of God.

If you really do this with truth and honesty, this connection is all you need to find your way through these incredible times.

11. Now the object is to stay in this state

of consciousness at all times. Remember and know your intimate connection to God. What else is there? What could you possibly fear? Everything will come to you. Life is whole, complete and perfect.

May this information be a blessing in your life. May you remember who you are and why you came to earth. May you remember your sacred purpose in life. Love is the key.