Core source-breathwork group-session

Beloved friends, Lieve vriendjes en vriendinnetjes van het ademwerk:
After a powerful last monthly group-session we are doing another one for you to deepen and anchor the shift …let’s go:
SUNDAY 18 maart, komende zondag, 8pm to 22:15
the Heart – Core source-breathwork group-session will be held at the beautiful zen space,
Okidoyogacenter at Van Ostadestraat 385-387H, AmsterdamMax 15 people, click guest list on FB to confirm (

https://www.facebook.com/events/335729586479989/), to make sure there is plenty of breathing space … or by email: [email protected] or call 0634901870 for info / see http://www.heart-tribe.com/

It s as powerful and warm to breathe in a group, especially when you have been doing individual sessions, feel free to bring friends, it s also welcome to people who haven t done any breathwork so far, it is safe to dive with Shanti, time to raise the frequency through breathing our heart-45 euro p.p. / mats and blankets available … but if you want your own cuddly blanket, bring it. Please wash your own feet before entering the space, a foot-bath is available …

Come and connect to your core through the cleansing power of the circular connected breath with Shanti Devi. A wonderful opportunity to do this powerful work and journey in a group. Breathwork activates your own natural DMT so it can be quite an experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and much more relaxed.

These monthly heart-core sessions are a good preparation for the Source Basic training, March 24 & 25th in Amsterdam! (hier voor volgende week woensdag aanmelden ) zie heart-tribe.com. and the famous and amazing LRT-training in May by Sondra Ray, ‘mother of breathwork’ with her partner Mark Sullivan.
See You There, Inside … the Splendor, tot Zondag !  

     Shanti Devi www.source-breathwork.com
www.heart-tribe.comSkype : shanti devi , location : micronesia 
0031 (0) 6-34901870