CHLORINE DIOXIDE Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker brought the covid daily death rate in Bolovia down from 100 deaths a day, to almost zero, with a substance he has researched for over 13 years: chlorine dioxide. This paper proves its effectiveness. 

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Distant treatment

Distant Treatments in times of Covid

Since the limitations caused by the fake pandemic, the paranoid people everywhere and the travel restrictions, many people stopped seeking help for their health conditions. But did you know that distant treatments works as good as physical treatments? Everything has it’s unique frequency; atoms, molecules, cells, organs, thoughts, emotions. But […]

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Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Protocol

Master Mineral Supplement (MMS) MMS is een unieke chemische oxidator die het vermogen heeft om in het bloed / water te komen, het doodt alle soorten ziekteverwekkers, virussen, schimmels, bacteriën en parasieten die vrijwel 95% van de ziekten veroorzaken en absoluut niets anders in het lichaam aantast. MMS is een […]

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Ginger is the monumentally superior alternative to chemotherapy

If you’ve seen the documentary Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, you may recall the farmers commenting on the intelligence of squirrels, who, when offered a choice, would always munch on the non-GMO corn cobs instead of the genetically engineered corn cobs. To humans, these two corn cobs look identical, but squirrels have more discernment. They simply refuse to […]

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