Distant treatment

Distant Treatments in times of Covid

Since the limitations caused by the fake pandemic, the paranoid people everywhere and the travel restrictions, many people stopped seeking help for their health conditions. But did you know that distant treatments works as good as physical treatments?

Everything has it’s unique frequency; atoms, molecules, cells, organs, thoughts, emotions. But also viruses, bacteria, insects, fungi, moulds.

To destroy something, you have to release the same frequency to it, like a singer can chatter a glass by singing the same tone as the glass. By releasing the exact same frequency as the object, to the source, but in a different angle, the object will chatter and fall in pieces.

Rife frequency generators

This can be done with Rife frequency generators. A small piece of your nail will go into the device and the right frequency for the health issue will be send to your nail, thus to you.

The DNA in your nail is for ever connected with it’s source; YOU. This is called Quantum entanglement. Einstein called it Spooky science because he saw it worked but couldn’t get his head around it. So by treating the DNA in your nail, you will be treated.

Uplift elements through entrainment

The device can chatter unwanted elements in your body but it can also uplift elements in your body through means of entrainment.
If the DNA in your nail gets treated for a weak liver, the frequency of a healthy liver is send to you and the weak liver will want to get in tune with the frequency of the healthy liver. See the video below.

Some things might work out rapidly, other issues take longer. It’s not magic but long proofed science which is now available for you too.

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Here is a great example of breaking a glass with your voice.

Here is a great example of how cancer cells get destroyed through frequencies.

Here is a great example of how entrainment works.