The New Loving Relationships Training

 ….. from The Passion of the Divine Mother

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A 3 Day Weekend Training created and presented by SONDRA RAY with the PASSION FREQUENCY of the DIVINE MOTHER
with Mark Sullivan (MAN MOHAN)

Contained is a short summary of the essential offerings of the New Loving Relationships TrainingTM created by SONDRA RAY, containing newly revised elements designed to fit the energies of the times, and the necessities we have for the clear understanding of relationships in our lives; what makes them work and not work; what are the patterns we need to understand to free ourselves from repeating dysfunctional behaviors; and ultimately what are the Spiritual imperatives available to aid us in the attainment of perfection in the relationships we experience now in our ascension toward realizing our Higher Self. This summary is presented with the sincerest invocation and benediction to the Divine Mother of us and the Universe.

De Roos, Amsterdam 

– Training 4-5-6 May 2012 (English spoken)

Friday 4.30 PM ‐ 9.30 PM
– Invocation to the Divine Mother
– Introductions
– Relationship Status
– How the Mind Works
– Creative Thought
– Birth and Relationships
– Personal Lies
– Liberation Breathing Session #1

Saturday 9.30 AM ‐ 5.30 PM
– Sharing
– The 14 Family Patterns of the LRT
– Clearing Anger
– Clearing Relationships with Parents
– Clearing Relationships with Siblings
– Clearing Relationships with Sex
– Clearing Relationships with Career and Money
– Liberation Breathing Session #2

Sunday 9.30 AM ‐ 5.30 PM
– Group Sharing
– Spiritual Healing
– Clearing Relationship with God
– Intro to A Course In Miracles
– India Quest
– Babaji and the Divine Mother
– Effective Communication
– Liberation Breathing Session #3
– Benediction to the Divine Mother

We planned some breaks during the intense program to allow you to stretch your legs, have a drink and a chat with your favourite buddy. De Roos is located at one of the entrances of the Vondel Park, you can enjoy your own lunch on a bench in the park or taste the freshly made food of the Tea House. They offer vegetarian soups and sandwiches, salads and of course tea, coffee and several kinds of drinks, everything prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients.

LRT 3 days training euro 385 per person inclusive of all taxes

– Private Sessions 3-4 May 2012

More information Private Sessions here


Wear comfortable clothes